DotLottieAnimation instances expose the following methods that can be used to control the animation:

play()Begins playback from the current animation position.
pause()Pauses the animation without resetting its position.
stop()Halts playback and returns the animation to its initial frame.
setSpeed(speed: Int)Sets the playback speed with the given multiplier.
setLoop(loop: Bool)Configures whether the animation should loop continuously.
setFrame(frame: Float)Directly navigates the animation to a specified frame.
load(config: Config)Loads a new configuration or a new animation.
loadAnimation(animationId: String)Loads the animation by id. Animation id’s are visible inside the manifest, recoverable via the manifest() method.
setMode(mode: Mode)Sets the animation play mode.
setMarker(marker: String)Sets the current Lottie marker to use.
setSegments(segments: (Float, Float))Sets the start and end frame of the animation.
setBackgroundColor(color: CIImage)Sets the background color of the animation.
setFrameInterpolation(useFrameInterpolation: Bool)Use frame interpolation or not.
resize(width: Int, height: Int)Manually resize the animation.