Getting Started

These are the dotLottie players for easily embedding and playing dotLottie animations on websites.

dotLottie is an open-source file format that aggregates one or more Lottie files and their associated resources into a single file. They are ZIP archives compressed with the Deflate compression method and use the file extension of “.lottie”.

The dotLottie player repository is available at

Major features available for users of the dotLottie format

Multi-animation files ✨

The .lottie file format supports multiple .json Lottie animations! Bundle your animations inside a single .lottie and play them with ease!

Theming 🎨

Have a pack of Lottie animations that need re-coloring for dark mode? Or to better fit your brand colors? The dotLottie player supports reading theming (.lss) files created by the lottie-styler library!

State machines 🫰

State machines allow you to create simple or complex interactive scenarios. Create them with dotlottie-js and start using them inside the players! No need to write complicated interactivity code anymore, define your state machine and get interacting!

Available players