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Your technical resource for mastering Lottie animations. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting, our portal offers the tools and knowledge you need to work with Lottie effectively.

dotLottie Player

Integrate a range of Lottie and dotLottie Players with your projects, compatible with frameworks like React, Vue, and Web components. Find the right player for web apps or mobile interfaces to seamlessly incorporate animations.


Utilize dotLottie, our open-source file format for bundling Lottie files and resources. Discover guides on generating and deploying .lottie and .json files for cross-platform compatibility and efficient integration.


Explore relottie, an ecosystem of plugins designed to work with Lottie files as structured data using ASTs (abstract syntax trees). Leverage ASTs to simplify programmatic interaction with Lottie files, enhancing your development workflow.

Your Feedback Matters:

Contribute to the future of Lottie tooling. Share your feedback, suggest improvements, or report issues at feedback.lottiefiles.com. Your input is crucial in evolving the Lottie Developer Portal to better serve the developer community.