DotLottie instances expose the following properties:

currentFramenumberRepresents the animation’s currently displayed frame number.
durationnumberSpecifies the animation’s total playback time in milliseconds.
totalFramesnumberDenotes the total count of individual frames within the animation.
loopbooleanIndicates if the animation is set to play in a continuous loop.
speednumberRepresents the playback speed factor; e.g., 2 would mean double speed.
loopCountnumberTracks how many times the animation has completed its loop.
directionstringReflects the current playback direction; e.g., 1 would mean forward, -1 would mean reverse.
modestringReflects the current playback mode.
isPausedbooleanReflects whether the animation is paused or not.
isStoppedbooleanReflects whether the animation is stopped or not.
isPlayingbooleanReflects whether the animation is playing or not.
segments[number, number]Reflects the frames range of the animations. where segments[0] is the start frame and segments[1] is the end frame.
backgroundColorstringGets the background color of the canvas.
autoplaybooleanIndicates if the animation is set to auto-play.
isFrozenbooleanReflects whether the animation loop is stopped or not.
isLoadedbooleanReflects whether the animation is loaded or not.
useFrameInterpolationbooleanReflects whether the animation should update on subframes.
renderConfigRenderConfigConfiguration for rendering the animation.
manifestManifest | nullThe manifest of the loaded dotLottie file.
markerstringThe lottie named marker to play.
layoutLayoutThe animation layout configuration.